Learn about the Movement to Traipse, the most stable and advanced fork of Open RPG available. Click here to read why so many users are thankful the Traipse fork was even created and what possess them to break away from the mold of 'Standard'.


Traipse : to go on foot : walk ; also : to walk or travel about without apparent plan but with or without a purpose transitive verb, (Merriam-Webster)


OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over the Internet. OpenRPG is free, open source, software, distributed under GNU/GPL license. The OpenRPG project was started in 2000 by Chris Davis, owner of RPG Objects. Chris has not actively developed the software for years, but the software was released under the General Public License allowing others to freely develop and distribute the software.

The OpenRPG Project

Chris Davis pioneered the OpenRPG Project in 2000. The project is a collective of developers, community members, and source code with the goal to create an open source, free to use and share virtual game table. Since 2000 The OpenRPG Project has seen a number of developers and community members contribute code to the project. All source code is copyright The OpenRPG Project, and as such has no one owner but a collective of owners. The OpenRPG Project distributes all source code with the General Public License, Version 2.0.


Traipse is a fork from OpenRPG version 1.7.8 a. The first goal for Traipse was to create a solid OpenRPG platform, one that had fewer bugs so it was more stable. In order to do this and make Traipse easier to adopt, portions of OpenRPG version 1.7.8 had to be re-opened.

Traipse is now the most open and easy to adopt OpenRPG version available. Traipse development has removed dependencies from others and placed the power in your hands. The Update Manager allows you to upload your own modified software to a Mercurial repository and share it with friends. The new Meta Server code allows you to offer a Meta Server for your friends and colleagues.

I urge you to fork Traipse. Modify the code and share it with your friends. Feel free to write plugins that change the behavior of the software. I simply ask that you respect the Traipse trademark and do not use it for your modified version. The Traipse name is like a signature that tells people they are receiving this code. It's not meant to close any part of the software. The software is GPL ... so feel free to remove any instance of Traipse in favor or your trademark.


-= Traipse Development Team =-

The below list is always changing as new developers assist in making Traipse the best OpenRPG fork available.

Lead Developer / Designer

Tyler Starke

Community Designers

Daniel Bruce Silvia (Ponderer)

Community Developers

Cypher, Puu-San, Jacob H.

Beta Testers

O'Fluxy Steve, Metroknight, Xaoc, Daniel Bruce Silvia (Ponderer)

aOpenRPG 'Core' Development Team (to 1.7.8)

Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher, Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders, Mark Tarrabain, David Byron, David Vrabel, and Tyler Starke.